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Hi, I’m Rupy, and I’m an Influencer Strategist. I help Change Makers make a credible impact in the world!

My Story… A Diamond in the Rough

So, I was born in 1987. I wasn't just your average child. I was born with Cerebral Palsy: a neurological condition affecting all four of my limbs, meaning that I have weak muscle tone. As a consequence, I now use an electric wheelchair and I have Professional Assistants helping me on a day-to-day basis.

But, do you know what? My impairment has never really bothered me. What has bothered me is society's perceptions of my capabilities. Judging before they got to know me, putting me in a 'box,' damaging my self-worth, making me feel like rubbish!

I absorbed negative opinions.

'You'll never be able to be educated,' 'you're a burden to society,' 'you're unlovable' and the list goes on!

They took away my sparkle, my dreams and, worst of all, my self-worth.

I felt useless. I felt that I had no purpose. I used to think ‘what is this life all about? I'm just a burden!’

Although each and every one of us faces our own unique challenges, I know I’ve been where a lot of people have been. I’ve woken up in the morning with that knotted feeling inside my stomach, wishing that I could stay in bed for the day. I’ve lay in bed trapped in a downward spiral of negative thoughts, thinking of the past or thinking about how rubbish my life may end up being. I’ve felt so low in energy and at times used to burst out in tears. You name it, I’ve had it, and I felt like this until very recently.

Then something miraculous happened. I started hanging out with some empowering people, and I was liberated. They taught me that there was nothing wrong with me!!! I didn't have to fit in with society in order to be accepted! Rather, society needs to make a conscious effort in making the world an accessible place for all! We are all one.

Then, more recently, I met up with an old school friend who taught me to dream big again. I had hit breaking point in August 2016 due to fighting a long battle with the council which lasted almost two years to receive the support that I required in order to live a fulfilled and thriving life. I won my battle, but I remember thinking I can't fight every year to prove that I needed the funding! But my friend lifted me up. She was my cheerleader and she believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.

I realised that living in this negative spiral was exhausting. Through hanging out with liberating and empowering people, I began to feel better.  Until recently I very much thought that things were out of my control. I didn't think I was worthy of success or a good life. However, I now know that I was bought on this earth for a reason and I can choose my own destiny moving forwards. I've become empowered and liberated and am no longer disillusioned by society is perceived limitations on my capabilities. I realised that my life and career all boiled down to me.

So what did I end up doing? I knew that things needed to change. I knew it boiled down to me. My desire was to liberate and empower others to realise that they could live the life that they desired – I had to lead by example, right?  I wondered what would give me credibility. After researching, I decided to mimic other coaches and entrepreneurs out there.

But there was a MASSIVE problem with this. My business was a disaster. I wasn’t generating a consistent monthly income, despite having an amazing business idea. I had spent all of my life savings into getting my business started but saw no real results. I had bills to pay and was slowly heading towards debt. My family thought I was going crazy and told me to get a steady job – but the thought of being employed by somebody else, doing their tasks, made me terrified. I knew I had a gift but I wasn’t effectively sharing my message.


Instead of mimicking, I realised that throughout my life and career, there has been one thing that people have always connected to – that was my story. My story of not taking no for an answer and having the courage to let my inner diamond shine once again – a story of hope and empowerment for those who feel like their life is out of control. 


My desire is to use my unique story to connect with others:

“My mission is to liberate your empowered self. We are all born as diamonds but over the years we get covered in muck and dirt. We absorb people's negative perceptions of our capabilities and we become our own enemy. But your inner diamond is ready to break free and sparkle once again. It does this by loving itself and becoming its own best friend. It forgives itself when it makes mistakes and it repels negativity from the outside world. Once it's free, it never lets its sparkle dull again! It's vivacious. Happy. Confident. Pretty awesome! You no longer have to be a diamond in the rough. ”

I’m also dedicated to work with serious Change Makers. A Change Maker knows that they are here to share their story because they have a purpose. They are here to make a credible impact in the world. I know that you deserve to get your message heard by millions from across the globe. I want the best for you and understand how soul destroying it can when your message isn't being heard, whilst you know it has the power to empower others.

In aligning with my purpose I now have consistent flowing clients, have secured a TED Talk and I’m writing my first ever book!

I’m genuinely happy!

I’m also training to be a Doctor in my field of Psychology! So I know how people work and what people ultimately want.

People want to be happy. They want to be enlightened and empowered. They don’t want to live with fear and anxiety and, as Change Makers, we can be that source of empowerment to them.


It’s time to step up as a Change Maker and Make a Credible Impact in the World!

I'm looking to work with serious people who are ready for real change! And change begins with investing in yourself. I've invested over $30,500 in working with high end Business Leaders and I have gone from an unknown Change Maker to securing a TED Talk and a publishing deal, with my book being predicted to go to #1 Best Seller in 2018!

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Still unsure?

This is normal and absolutely ok.

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